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Animation Digital Matte Painting Changing a Scene From Summer to Winter

In this course, well-known author, teacher, and illustrator David Mattingly demonstrates his production-proven matte painting techniques and shows how to turn a summer daytime scene into a wintry nightscape using Photoshop and After Effects. David shows how to take a plate, or a still shot from a film, and alter key elements to change the season and time of day. Using advance digital matte painting methods, David removes all of the greenery from the mountains, fields, and trees, and covers them with snow. Then he replaces the sky, and adds realistic touches such as chimney smoke, icicles, and night-lit windows. In the final chapters, you’ll discover how to create an animated scene that cross-dissolves between the two versions.
Topics include:
Making precise selections using the Color Range command
Controlling reference material through layer masks
Creating custom brushes
Painting snow, icicles, and trees
Painting through a high-contrast matte
Replacing the sky in an image
Animating smoke and falling snow
Reformatting and rendering a scene in After Effects.

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