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How to Surfacing an F1 Wheel In Alias part 2

welcome to Surfacing an F1 Wheel using Alias Design. The goal of this course is to show you how to use Alias Design to create Class A surfaces for an F1 wheel. There are many different ways to approach a surfacing project, but I will show you the methodology that I use, and at the same time, we’ll discuss various engineering criteria that can influence the ultimate outcome of the final surfaces. You’ll see how this component can change dramatically from a concept, to a feasible engineering surface. Above all, I will show you how to identify problems during surfacing, why they occur, and most importantly, how to solve these problems.

We’ll take a look at a very systematic, methodical approach to Class A surfacing, and how this can greatly benefit the final outcome of the part. I’ll also show you how to export this data at various stages, so that a rapid prototype part can be created, and used in a physical bulk, or checked by a group like Human Factors. Alias Design has many unique features that enable experienced professionals and newcomers alike, create high quality surfaces, quickly and easily for multiple uses. We’ll be covering all these topics, plus many other tools and techniques. So let’s get started with Surfacing an F1 Wheel using Alias Design.

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